Is Analysis AntiSemitic?

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Is Analysis AntiSemitic?

Israeli journalist Richard Ben Cramer observed that in Hebrew there's a verb, l'akshot, that concerns the core traditional practice of "questioning absolutely everything." Now that is culture alive, strong and confident---a tradition that thrives by questioning itself!

Is it "antiSemitic," then, that the human beings who live in People of the Sea bring a horribly consequential mistake into historical view? For since those times, how many long-established peoples have been "removed" according to The Bible's Old Testament demands---laid out first against the post-Minoan Philistines in Palestine? Even now those sanctified demands drive new global disasters---

Surely, every culture that built The West has bestowed mistakes as well as gifts on us? If The West has lived a Catastrophe Cycle since then ("rise-and-fall-of-empires"), is the "new memory" of science about our past a way out for everyone?